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    Performance Demonstrations                    

The Performance Demonstration prices listed are your cost. You are paying approximately 50 percent of the actual cost of the performance. The balance is underwritten by grants and generous donations. 

Study Guides: A Study Guide is provided for each program and will be delivered to your campus coordinator electronically prior to the scheduled performance. These guides provide teachers with supplemental information to integrate into the classroom before and after the program. Curriculum connections are suggested in the study guides that align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Evaluations: Teacher and student evaluations are provided for each program. Evaluation results are reviewed by the Young Audiences of Abilene staff and teaching artists. We welcome your feedback!

Local Teaching Artists

*Local Teaching Artists are available for performances with a reservation scheduled by request.*

     Dom Gordon                                              

Dance Introduction and Convention

In this program, students will learn the basics of how dance is beneficial for our physical and mental health. We will also learn an energetic Hip Hop combination, and all dance together as a community!

Grades: K-5  Curriculum Connections: Dance

Fee: $400 per performance

Scheduled: By Request

     KEY CITY bRASS                                           

Melody and Rhythm

Key City Brass is a brass quintet made up of local music professionals from local universities and schools. From classical music to popular children's songs, this interactive program will teach students what makes brass instruments unique. Come see the "hose-a-phone" and play a game of "Who's got the melody?"

Grades: 3-6  Curriculum Connections: Music

Fee: $300 per performance

Scheduled: By Request

     kERRY gOFF                                                

Memories of Broadway

A Broadway Review that reminisces through the American Broadway Songbook with story and song.

Grades: K-6  Curriculum Connections: Theatre Arts, Music

Fee: $250 for a single performance

Scheduled: By Request

Visiting Teaching Artists


*Visiting Teaching Artists are only available on the listed days and performances are limited and by reservation only. To ensure your students get to experience one of these programs, schedule as soon as possible.*

     Elizabeth Kahura                                      

"Folktales of Africa"

Kahura teaches concepts like the power to dream, character development, and self empowerment through music, performing arts, storytelling literature, and original pictures. The audience actively participates in the feeling of Africa!

Grades: K-2: 3-5  Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Music, Social Studies

Fee: $450 for single performance, $850 for back-to-back performances

Scheduled: By Request

     FLY DANCE COMPANY                                   

"The Healthy Hip Hop Show"

The talented, comical dancers of FLY invite you to experience the world of hip hop in a non-stop, fast-action show that is fun for all. The "gentlemen of hip-hop" are youthful, masculine, risk-taking, acrobatic, funky, and fun! Through various skits, the students will be informed on how leading a healthy, active lifestyle will improve everyday activities. Then the fun begins as we share some history of the hip hop culture, including its origins and inspirations. For the FLY dancers, hip hop has not only been empowering, but life changing as it has encouraged them to be 'leaders' and not followers, which is just one of the many positive social messages throughout the performance!

Grades: K-6 Curriculum Connections: Dance/Movement

Fee: Call for price information

Scheduled: By Request

     Mark Shelton                                           

"The Strike, Scrape, & Shake Show"

Entertaining and educational! The Strike, Scrape, and Shake Show is a high energy one-man assembly program that treats students to world class percussion performances. Students will learn about the percussion family as they enjoy the sounds of the snare drum, rhythm bones, hammered dulcimer, handpan, electronic percussion, and more! The audience gets into the act as Mark teaches about the history of percussion.

Grades: K-6 Curriculum Connections: Music

Fee: $275 for single performance, $450 for back-to-back performances

Scheduled: By Request

     Chris Espinosa xyz                                    

"Improvise! Write! Perform!"

Chris EspinosaXYZ is a nationally accredited teaching artist, improv-storyteller, and author with one goal in mind: strengthen the writing skills of your students. Your students take center stage to create exciting and unforgettable moments using nothing but their imaginations. He uses improv comedy to sharpen creativity, develop critical thinking skills, and inspire students to write a personal narrative, an expository essay, or a script...and perform it!

Grades: K-6 Curriculum Connections: Language

Fee: $400 for single performance, $575 for back-to-back performances

Scheduled: By Request

     coming attractions                 

MAY 2021


A program for schools inspired by the art of Loren Long, featured illustrator at the 2021 Children's Art and Literacy Festival. Original artwork will be on exhibit at the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature in June!


JUNE 2021


An arts-integration professional development opportunity for educators inspired by the work of Loren Long. Watch for more information in the spring.




8:30 am-12 p.m.

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